Karen Howe – FunStar Director/Chairperson

HR Specialist, Career & Transformational Coach Inspirational Author/Writer

Hi, I’m Karen Howe local Redlands Coast gal, and a parent with a son with special needs requiring 24/7 care.  

Sometime ago, I had a vision for a Fun Farm which is now growing legs, and whilst in its infancy stage, it is very much a registered not for profit organisation working towards charity status.

We have some amazing Directors onboard you will see here with much knowledge to impart to make this a dream come true.

I envisaged a safe space where our disAbility community can come together and build some skills, connect with their peers, create potential employment opportunities, join in fun activities, AND feel part of something special.

The Fun Farm’s Vision is to create a space for the disAbility community to fulfil their hopes and dreams through delivering activities and experiences that build individual capacity, and connections for people with disability, their families and carers – fun guaranteed.

We have some work to do to make this dream a reality, so I am reaching out to the community for support, as we know when we are in something together, we achieve so much more.

Karen Vercoe – FunStar Director/Secretary

Managing Director of The HR People

I have been fortunate to have a couple of special people in my life. Sons of friends, who have taught me that life wasn’t always fair. 

One of them once said to me, whilst we were at the beach and his wheel chair wouldn’t go any further “I would just like to do what everyone else does”. He doesn’t want to be a millionaire. 

He doesn’t want to take over the world. He just wants to do what everyone else does. 

How can we fix that? 

Karen Howe suggested Fun Farm and I thought, you know what? It meets the brief of what the boys need. Just a little fun in their life, every now and then. Not too much to ask is it? I thought not. 

So Fun Farm is going to happen! 

We will move mountains, if we have to. 

Because we can!


Lisa Nardone- FunStar Director

Professional Grant Writer

Lisa Nardone is an accomplished professional with extensive experience and an impressive portfolio of achievement providing grant consulting services to private and public sector clients. 

With a background across business, education and health she is adept in the development, implementation and management of community initiatives and in facilitating strong community outcomes. 

Lisa has a natural talent for collaboration and a focus on creating connections and partnerships that work. In her spare time, she likes to go bushwalking and camping; as well as collect art supplies whilst dreaming about actually using them one day!

Lisa sits as a Director on the Fun Farm Board with the aim of helping to create something wonderful for the Redlands community.

Savannah Falzon – FunStar Director

Retirement Living Specialist

I’m Savannah, mum of 3, sister, partner, friend and business owner of Retirement Care Solutions. My business was founded 5 years ago to assist retirees, seniors and families find the right solutions when transitioning into Retirement Living and Aged Care.

I’m passionate about retirees enjoying their retirement years and our elderly living their last years in an enjoyable and safe environment. I have worked in the Retirement and Aged Care industry for over 7 years, and I realised early on that not all solutions suited or were the right ones for each individual or couple, hence I created Retirement Care Solutions to enable us to assist and facilitate their move so it’s smooth and easy whilst also giving them the peace of mind we are their to help them through their journey from start to finish.

My experience as a Business Owner, in customer service, as well as a service provider and a great networker are some of the skills I’m able to impart and share with the Fun Farm.

My WHY Simply I want to make a difference for both young people with disabilities and their families. I’m excited to be working alongside such talented and passionate community leaders in their respected fields and to embark on a journey to create a fun community that meets the needs and wants of young people.

Janelle Bartlett 

Chartered Accountant, Accountants 2 Business in based Brisbane & Redlands