Cause to Applaud

No matter the victory, share with your community that wants to applaud and recognise your achievements.  Let’s be a voice of positivity! Contact us and share your story via our contact us page.


Over one billion people have a disability.  As a HR specialist I want to break down barriers for people with disabilities to enter the workforce.  It is illegal for businesses to discriminate against someone who has a disability.  Rather than name and shame such companies let’s focus on the positive.

As a community let’s recognise the businesses that are employing disabled staff as they are making a change for the future!


To be a Paralympian is a major achievement compared toa  normal Olympic athlete!

Our athletes with a disAbility deserve recognition, whether they win or lose.  They have overcome a barrier to be an athlete. Give them a shout out and recognition because they deserve it!  

Daily Challenges

For some Australian’s with disAbilities it is the daily challenges that need to be Cause for Applause.  Learning to do the following for the first time or having to relearn a skill can be a major victory.  You or someone you know may need to learn to:

  • Walk
  • Talk
  • Feed Themselves
  • Dress Themselves
  • Use the Toilet by themselves

The silent champions… the Caregiver!

You provide help to another person in need. As a parent or a spouse of someone with medical needs you need to be commended.  Giving up your own needs and wants to help a family member takes dedication.  You need to be encouraged and supported for your sacrifice and applauded!

We want you, the Caregiver to celebrate your victories in a  community that understands.  We don’t want you to feel they are not alone