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Fun Farm is not just about activities; it’s about empowering you and your loved ones to participate fully in society, with all the support and resources you need at your fingertips. By joining us, you’re not only signing up for fun and friendship, but you’re also becoming part of a movement towards a more inclusive society.

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Welcome to Our Community
At Fun Farm, we’re dedicated to building a vibrant community that supports adults and teenagers with disabilities through a variety of enriching activities and events. Our members enjoy a welcoming environment where they can foster connections, share experiences, and find joy in every activity.

Membership Benefits

There are 2 levels of membership:

  1. Ordinary Member – An individual or nominated representative of each family who has other family members involved with or serviced by the association.
  1. Corporate Member – An organisation with an interest in the activities and services of the association.

If you are a business wanting to support Fun Farm this membership is for you.

-Exclusive Pricing: Enjoy reduced rates on all our events and programs.
-Special Offers: Receive unique promotions from our partners and sponsoring businesses.
-Community Support: Gain access to a network of resources, help, and information to support your journey.

-Private Groups: Caregivers can join our private Facebook group to exchange ideas, ask questions, and connect with others.


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