The Fun Farm Story

Fun Farm was initally the brainchild of Karen Howe, whose son Dylan lives with disability.

As Dylan grew into his late teens and left school, Karen realised that there just wasn’t much around in the Redlands offering activities, connection and support for teenagers and young adults with disabilities. Karen also realised that families and carers of those living with disability would also benefit from being part of a community of like minded people, sharing resources and celebrating wins.

Karen decided it was time for action, and Fun Farm was registered as a not for profit organisation in 2019. With a dedicated team of directors on board, the vision is for Fun Farm to become the go-to place for activities and experiences to build capacity and connections for people with disability, their families and carers.

Our Vision

A safe and inclusive space for our disability community to share their hopes and dreams.

Our Mission

To deliver activities, experiences and opportunities that build individual capacity and connections for people with disabilities, their families and carers – fun guaranteed!

Our Values

Accountability; Respect; Empowerment; Inclusion; Kindness; Acceptance; Integrity; Collaboration.