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Make Waves with Every Stroke

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Date: Saturday, 27th April 2024

Join us for “Splash for a Cause,” a charity swim event where community members come together to swim laps and raise funds for our noble cause. Whether you’re an avid swimmer or just love to splash around, this event is the perfect opportunity to get wet and make a difference.

Event Details:

– Venue: Dive into the heart of the action at our local pool in Cleveland aquatic center, where swimmers of all ages and abilities can participate in making a splash for charity.

– Time: The event kicks off at 9:00 AM, with waves of swimmers starting throughout the day to ensure everyone has their chance to swim for a cause.

Participation Information:

To register get in touch with Karen here: Mov. 3517 4999

– Get Sponsored:  Encourage friends, family, and colleagues to sponsor your swim. Every lap counts, and each donation brings us closer to our fundraising goals.
– Sponsor a Swimmer: Not a swimmer? You can still contribute by sponsoring a swimmer. Your support will buoy their spirits and our charity’s mission.

Proudly Sponsored by Rotary:

This event is generously supported by Rotary, an organization known for its commitment to community service and making a positive impact. To learn more about Rotary’s involvement and to contribute to our cause, visit [Rotary Donations]. The QR code in our promotional materials will also direct you to this site for easy donation access.


Event Highlights:

– Community Spirit: Join fellow community members in a fun, active event that promotes health, camaraderie, and charitable giving.
– Make a Difference: Each stroke in the water represents support for our charity, driving forward our mission and the impact we can make together.
– Recognition for Participants: Swimmers and top fundraisers will be recognized for their contributions and spirit, celebrating the difference we’ve made as a community.

Why Join Us:

“Splash for a Cause” isn’t just about swimming; it’s about coming together to support a greater cause. It’s a day of fun, fitness, and philanthropy, where every splash in the pool contributes to our charity’s mission.

Important Information:

– How to Join: Whether you’re swimming or sponsoring, we invite you to be part of this special day. More details on how to register or sponsor a swimmer will be provided soon.
– Safety First: Lifeguards and first aid personnel will be on site to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Join Us:

Prepare to dive into a day of fun, fitness, and fundraising at “Splash for a Cause.” It’s more than just a swim; it’s a chance to make waves for a good cause.

Contact Us:

For further information, registration details, or how to become a sponsor, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Let’s make “Splash for a Cause” a resounding success, buoyed by the waves of our generous community.

(Contact us here)

Together, let’s dive in and make a splash for a cause that uplifts us all!

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27 Apr 2024


6:00 am - 6:00 pm


Cleveland Aquatic Centre


Fun Farm Events
(07) 3517 4999

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